Corrosion Warning!

Corrosion Warning!


Update on Corrosion Warning! - January 2008

Please note: This is the update.
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Working “hand and hand”, Duo-Safety Ladder and Fire Service Safety Testing, Inc. have continued to explore our findings of “ rivet head” failure from corrosion. It appears it is a result of excessive moisture and/or road salt. As a result, Duo-Safety Ladder has requested we replace the affected rivets especially, but not limited to, ladders manufactured during the years 1995, 1996, and 1997. Stick with us, and we will walk you through this.

This picture shows a “rung plate” with four rivets holding the plate to the ladder beam. Keep in mind that Duo-Safety welds their rungs to the beams. Subsequently a rivet head missing at a rung connection should be repaired, but is not as critical as it would be at a “roof hook” or “lock assembly” (on extension ladders) connection.
This picture showing a “roof hook” connection is another area where the rivets are critical. They are what holds the plate to the ladder. The roof hooks are bolted to the plate, and that is what holds you on the roof.
This picture showing a “lock assembly” is another critical location. Again the bolts go through the plates that rivet to the beam. Rivet failure means the extension lock assembly may fail.


Inspect and examine the rivets on all plates throughout the ladder for corrosion. If you have any doubt, “bump” the rivet heads with a screwdriver or similar object. Should the rivet heads come off, remove the ladder from service and repair it.


With the rivet head missing, the rest of the rivet is still affixed. It's like the nut came off the bolt, but the bolt is still there. The rivet shaft needs to be removed and a new rivet needs to be installed. Not just any rivet … the RIGHT RIVET.

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