Fall Protection Equipment Catalog

Just like ladders, fall protection equipment deteriorates over time, whether used or not, and can become a "Silent Hazard." The lives of firefighters may very well depend on their fall protection equipment to save their lives, but it might fail them when they need it. Organizational leaders in the fire service must recognize this risk and take a proactive approach to this danger.


Click here to view NFPA 1983 on the NFPA website.


Why inspect fall protection equipment?

  • All fall protection equipment deteriorates with use and exposure over time.

  • Equipment is not inspected often enough for wear and damage.

  • Your crews deserve safe equipment!

What we offer:

1983 NFPA OSHA Fall Protection Inspections by Qualified Personnel

  • Includes inspection of Belts, Harnesses, Lanyards, Carabiners, Life Safety Rope

  • Full line of fall protection products available from Miller, Gemtor, Yates Gear

Sales and Service on Fall Protection Equipment from Miller, Gemtor, Yates Gear

Fall Protection Catalog

Click the links below to view or download service life documents from the manufacturers.

Gemtor Service Life
Miller Service Life
Yates Service Life


Why Fire Service Safety Testing?

  • 22 years of experience

  • Firefighters on the crew

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