There's always something new happening here at FSST! Call us today to discuss your fall protection equipment. We can schedule fall protection inspections along with ground ladder testing, or it can be done separately. Call 585-392-7373 or toll free 866-788-7373.


We will be testing throughout the state of New York in January to March 2024. Please call our office (585-392-7373) for more information on testing or for a quote for testing your ground ladders.

Decon Kits

We now have on scene "decon kits ." They include a garden hose and nozzle, 1 1/2" to garden hose adapter, fire wipes, Citro Squeeze turn out ppe spray, huge plastic bags with tags, a brush, dish soap, and bio bags. They come in a 5 gallon pail labeled "DECON KIT".

FSST is Celebrating More Than 29 Years and Over 65,000 ladders!

We are pleased to continue our tradition of providing professional service to fire departments, airports, and highway departments throughout the Northeast.

We are a now dealer for LadderLight Ladder End caps

We are a dealer for LadderLight Ladder End caps. Lighted end caps add visibility to ground ladders to reduce the risk of injury.

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We're Expanding!

FSST is now able to provide complete ground ladder testing and repair service in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia in addition to New York State. Call or e-mail us to get more information or to schedule.

Duo Safety Bulletin

Duo Safety does not allow external guide ladders as shown in these pictures. If you have any ladders that are questionable, call us.

New Demo

View our latest demo showing why ladders should be tested. You won't believe what can happen to a ladder, even if it seldom comes off the truck.

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The Importance of Ladder Angle

See a new page that will really give you something to think about.

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See Our Reflectors In Action!

The Brighton Fire Department battled a blaze at a residence. Two firefighters were injured and a dog was removed from the structure. No one was home at the time. Reflectors installed on the ladders by FSST can be clearly seen in the photos.

The Bushnell's Basin Fire Department conducted an ice rescue of a man who fell down a slope and ended up on the frozen Erie Canal. Ground ladders were used to facilitate the rescue. Reflectors installed on the ladders by FSST can be clearly seen in the photos.

Corrosion Warning!

Corrosion can and will damage your ladders. Recently, we found two examples of extreme corrosion problems.

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Steve Speer Has Article Published

An article by Fire Service Safety Testing President and CEO Steve Speer has been published in "Fire Chief" Magazine. The article, titled "Take Nothing for Granted", explains why regular inspections and testing of ground ladders should be part of every department’s maintenance regimen.

Steve Speer is Featured in "Fire Rescue" Magazine

Steve Speer is featured in another article! Grab a copy of the February 2015 issue of "Fire Rescue" magazine and check out the article titled "Slipping Through the Cracks." Steve discusses the need for fire departments to have adequate fall protection on hand to ensure the safety of their firefighters.

1983 NFPA/OSHA Fall Protection Inspections and Equipment Sales

FSST is proud to announce that we offer inspection and sales of fall protection equipment to meet 1983 NFPA/OSHA requirements. Our inspection services include belts, harnesses, lanyards, carabiners, and life safety rope. We also offer a full line of fall protection products from Miller, Gemtor, and Yates Gear. Contact us today to see how we can help with this important aspect of keeping crews safe.

FSST Now Offers Sales and Service for Little Giant Ladders®

Little Giant ladders offer the versatility of 24 ladders in one. Fire Service Safety Testing is proud to offer complete sales and service for this remarkable product. Contact us for all your ladder sales and service needs.

Dedicated to Servicing Ground Ladders

Fire Service Safety Testing, Inc. is dedicated to Firefighter Elevation Safety throughout the Northeast. We provide NFPA 1932 Ground Ladder Inspection, Testing and Repairs as well as NFPA 1983 Life Safety Inspections including Belts, Harnesses, "Bail Out", Rope, Webbing and Hardware.

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