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According to NFPA, ground ladders should be inspected on an annual basis or more often if a ladder has been structurally compromised. Even if ground ladders are seldom used, they frequently are damaged by road vibration and exposure to the elements.

The time to discover ladder damage is not at the fire scene! A thorough inspection and test of ground ladders can help ensure crew safety and minimize liability exposure for the fire district.

At Fire Service Safety Testing, we make it easy. We can usually inspect and test your ladders, repair damage if necessary, and replace missing or damaged labels or heat sensors, all in a single visit. We usually can also avoid taking your truck out of service while we do our job.

Just like ladders, fall protection equipment deteriorates over time, whether used or not, and can become a "Silent Hazard." The lives of firefighters may very well depend on their fall protection equipment to save their lives, but it might fail them when they need it.

Organizational leaders in the fire service must recognize this risk and take a proactive approach to this danger.

At Fire Service Safety Testing, we can help make your crews safer and make it easier for your department or district. We can inspect your fall protection equipment on the same visit as your ground ladder test.

It's all about service! We understand the demands on your time and resources. We can usually accomplish your ladder testing, any needed repairs or service, and fall protection equipment inspection all in one site visit. And we frequently do all that without taking any of your rigs out of service. Call us today at
866-788-7373 to find out how we can help to make your crews safer and save you time and money.

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