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N.F.P.A. 1932 Chapter 4 - Ground Ladder Mounting and Storage

4.1 Requirements for Mounting of Ground Ladders.

4.1.1 The storage positions and mounting brackets for ground ladders shall be designed such that the ladders do not need to be forced into their mounting or storage positions on the fire apparatus.

4.1.2 Ground ladders shall be mounted and protected to prevent movement, abrasion, or other damage to the ground ladder while they are on the fire apparatus.

4.1.3 When mounted on the apparatus, ground ladders shall not be subject to exposure to heat sources (such as engine heat) of 100°C (212°F) or greater.

4.1.4 Ground ladders shall be supported to prevent any sagging or distortion while they are mounted on the fire apparatus.

4.1.5 The rollers and other moving parts of the frame holding the ground ladders on the apparatus shall be lubricated in accordance with the apparatus manufacturer's instructions at least every 6 months. Prior to relubricating rollers or moving parts, old lubricant shall be removed. If rollers and other moving parts are rusted, they shall be brushed with a wire brush and cleaned to remove all loose scale, and then painted before lubricating.

4.2 Requirements for Storage of Ground Ladders.

4.2.1 Ground ladders shall not be stored in an area where they are exposed to the elements.

4.2.2* Wood ground ladders shall be stored away from heat sources such as steam pipes, radiators, forced hot air heaters, and out of direct sunlight.

4.2.3* Fiberglass ground ladders shall be stored out of direct sunlight.