Expanded Service

N.F.P.A. 1932 Chapter 5 - Use of Ground Ladders

5.1 Requirements for All Ground Ladders.

5.1.1* Fire department ground ladders shall be used for rescue, fire-fighting operations, and training and shall not be used for any other purpose.

5.1.2* Multi-purpose ladders used by fire service personnel for fire-fighting operations, rescue, and training shall meet the requirements of ANSI A14.2, Laddrrs - Portable Metal - Safety Requirements, or ANSI A14.5 Ladders - Portable Reinforced Plastic - Safety Requirements, and have a duty rating of Type 1A or 1AA. The total weight on the ground ladder, including persons, their equipment, and any other weight, such as a charged fire hose, shall not exceed the duty rating as given in Table

Table Ground Ladder Duty Rating

Folding ladders maximum load 300lb (136kg)
Multi-purpose ladders maximum load 300lb (136kg)
Pompier ladders maximum load 300lb (136kg)
Single and roof ladders maximum load 750lb (340kg)
All extension ladders maximum load 750lb (340kg)
Combination ladders maximum load 750lb (340kg) The loads in Table shall not be imposed on the ground ladder unless the ground ladder is set at the correct angle of inclination and secured as specified in Section 5.1.

5.1.4 Inspections. Ground ladders shall be visually inspected in accordance with Section 6.1 after each use. If ground ladders are used other than as specified in this standard, they shall be removed from service, inspected, and service tested prior to further use.

5.1.5 Ground ladders shall not be tied together to provide longer units.

5.1.6 Ground ladder butts shall be set on a firm, level base before ground ladders are used.

5.1.7 Ground ladders shall not be placed on ice, snow, or slippery surfaces unless means to prevent slipping are employed.

5.1.8 Angle of Inclination. To provide the optimum combination of load carrying and stability, ground ladders shall be set at the correct angle of inclination by positioning the base section a horizontal distance from the vertical wall equal to one-quarter the working length of the ground ladder.* An angle of inclination of between 70 and 76 degrees shall be permitted, with an angle of 75 degrees being optimum.

5.1.9* Ground ladders shall be secured at the base, either by a fire fighter or by mechanical means, to prevent slippage.* Extreme caution shall be used when the angle of inclination is less than 70 degrees. At angles less than 70 degrees, mechanical means shall be used to prevent slippage.

5.1.10 Any time a ladder is positioned or repositi