Ground Ladder Inspection and Test

Three Year Price Lock

NEW! We now offer a three year price lock on NFPA ladder testing! Applies to testing only. Repairs will still be billed as a separate item on the invoice. Contact us for details.

Ground Ladder Inspection and Test
Pursuant to the NFPA 1932 Chapter 5 standards, ground ladders should be inspected on an annual basis or more often if a ladder has been structurally compromised. Even if ground ladders are seldom used, they frequently are damaged by road vibration and exposure to the elements.

The time to discover ladder damage is not at the fire scene! A thorough inspection and test of ground ladders can help ensure crew safety and minimize liability exposure for the fire district.

We not only inspect and test ground ladders, but we have complete capability to do on-site repairs. In most cases, any needed repairs can be completed before we leave your site. Fire Service Safety Testing can perform minor repairs such as filing a burr, and major repairs such as changing a rung. Our service vehicle is a "rolling service center", equipped with a full-complement of parts, heat sensors, NFPA labels, and the equipment to do the job. Fire Service Safety Testing offers complete ground ladder service to save you time.

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Ground Ladder Inspection and Test Ground Ladder Inspection and Test Ground Ladder Inspection and Test
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Our president, Steve Speer, is a retired lieutenant from the Ridge Road Fire District, a past chief of the Hilton Fire Department and served as a member of the Board of Fire Commissioners for the Hilton-Parma Fire District for fifteen years.


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We are a ladder safety and testing company with firefighting experience. To date, we have tested more than 65,000 ladders. At Fire Service Safety Testing, we can help make your crews safer and make it easier for your department or district.

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We are dealers for Alco Lite®, Duo safety®, Little Giant® and more. We stock a wide range of parts.

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We install truck mounting protection.

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Corrosion Warning

Corrosion Warning

Be assured that we will be watching for these problems as we test your ladders. Due to the nature of this problem, however, we recommend you inspect your ladders between our annual tests.

NFPA Codes and Standards

Expanded Service

NFPA reference documents regarding ground ladder use, ground ladder mounting & storage, ground ladder inspection and maintenance, and ground ladder testing & servicing.

Mounting/Road Vibration Video

Mounting/Road Vibration Video

Steve Speer gives an informative presentation on the many ground ladder mounting methods and problems improper mounting/road vibration cause to both ladders and equipment.